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MEET Malavika Murali >>  Transportation Planner

Malavika Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Bachelor's in Geography and Planning
Queen's University

Master's in City and Regional Planning & Masters of Science in GIS Technology
Georgia Tech


Toronto, Canada

“How do we get there?”

Creating maps to better visualize spatial characteristics of transportation projects

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Malavika started as an intern at Modern Mobility Partners in May 2022, while pursuing a dual degree in City & Regional Planning and GIS Technology at Georgia Tech. She recently began her career as a Transportation Planner at MMP and became a full-time transportation professional after graduation at the end of 2023.

With a background in geography and City Planning and GIS, Malavika possesses skills in data analysis, visualization, graphic design, and stakeholder engagement. She applies these tools to her interest in creating equitable multi-modal transportation networks, with an emphasis on transit-oriented development. Her current research focuses on analyzing the benefits of mobility hubs and determining how they can be implemented in cities like Atlanta to promote public transit usage. Through her experience and continued work at MMP, Malavika hopes to grow her knowledge base in the transportation industry.

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