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MEET NABID MORSHED >> Travel Demand Modeler


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Masters in Management and Data Analytics
University of North America (expected 2023)

Masters in Civil Engineering
Georgia Southern University

Bachelors in City and Regional Planning
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Tech

Bogra, Bangladesh

"All is well"


Analytics, Visualization, Travel Demand Modeling

Nabid has 4 years of experience in Travel Demand Modeling, Data Analytics, Visualization and Traffic Simulation Modeling. His industry experience includes working with DOTs, MPOs and Cities in North Carolina, Washington DC and Georgia. 

Nabid worked as a Modeler in projects performing Big Data Analytics, Model Validation, Transit Market Analysis, Roadway improvement, and Transit Route Feasibility Study. He is experienced working in different types of modeling paradigm including four step, hybrid, ABM and micro simulation models. 

A typical workday in his life involves using TranCAD, R, Python and Cube. He enjoys technical works. He believes in coordination, organization and team spirit.  

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