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Masters in City & Regional Planning
Georgia Tech

Bachelors in GIS
University of North Alabama

Commissioned Officer Candidate in Georgia Army National Guard

Huntsville, Alabama

"In order to have the sweet, you've got to go through the sour."

Providing a creative and innovative framework of thinking

Peyton joined MMP as an intern while completing a Master of City and Regional Planning from Georgia Institute of Technology. He holds a B.S. in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) from the University of North Alabama. He recently was accepted into the Georgia State University MBA program.

In the summer of 2020, Peyton was promoted to a Transportation Planner. He supports several projects including GIS analysis, technical writing, federal grant applications, project prioritization, funding and implementation strategies and financial analyses. Peyton is proficient in ArcGIS Desktop & Online, QGIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, graphics and technical writing. In the future, Peyton looks forward to expanding his knowledge and expertise in items relating to connected and autonomous vehicles, transportation funding and finance, and intelligent transportation systems.


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