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Purpose of Project

The purpose of the Georgia DOT 2050 Statewide Transit Plan is to coordinate with local governments, planning agencies, and transit providers to document transit needs across the state and prioritize future investments. The plan will support Georgia DOT’s multimodal planning efforts and identify strategies to ensure all Georgians have access to public transit. The plan was developed for GDOT’s Intermodal Division.

Our Role on the Project

As part of a team, Modern Mobility Partners (MMP) assisted with the development of GDOT’s first comprehensive Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP). The SWTRP included a high-level overview of the urban and rural transit programs in the state and an assessment of future investment needs. It involved the implementation of an extensive public outreach and stakeholder engagement plan, assessment of the economic impact of transit services funded through the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) 5311 program and managed by GDOT, existing conditions and future trends analysis, and an evaluation of regional consolidation of transit services. MMP did a comprehensive national scan on best practices in transit performance measures and summarized over 40 transit metrics for consideration, including those that may be used later as data becomes available. MMP also provided input on strategies and recommendations based on emerging technologies. MMP led prioritization and funding by developing a project/strategy prioritization framework to rank and prioritize projects or strategies between urban areas or major regional projects, or strategy types that may not be location-specific. This provided information to urban and rural areas about which types of projects or strategies are more beneficial. A funding strategy was also developed for projects or strategies that are considered as part of the recommendations. The plan was completed in December 2020.

Problem Solvers

Unique challenges of this plan included identifying useful and quantifiable performance measures that align with the plan’s overall vision and developing a realistic funding strategy to support the plan. Our solutions effectively addressed these challenges by carefully selecting and vetting a wide variety of metrics to align with the vision, goals, and objectives and identifying baseline, low, medium, and high funding scenarios to understand the range of potential future funding levels and develop a realistic, financially feasible plan.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The SWTRP Performance Measures Report is the product of thorough research, coordination with stakeholders, and consideration of GDOT’s goals and objectives. This document serves as a benchmark for the GDOT Transit Program and helps us track progress toward meeting program goals. It’s something that we reference often for a variety of uses.”

- Kaycee Mertz, AICP, Transit Program Manager, Georgia Department of Transportation

Where to Find More Information

To learn more information, please visit the project website or contact MMP Project Manager, Kirsten Mote, AICP at

Georgia 2050 Statewide Transit Plan

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