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Aerotropolis Freight Cluster Plan

CLIENT: ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts

Purpose of Project

The ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts (formerly Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts) surrounds Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Their mission is to improve the area through transportation, beautification, and public safety.  The purpose of the Aerotropolis Freight Cluster Plan is to identify key freight project improvements to assist in the efficient movement of freight and goods within and through the CID area.  The study included multimodal improvements to also increase the safety of residents, employees, and visitors in the area, especially on high freight corridors.  The recommendations of the study will be integrated into the regional freight plan update and regional priorities will be identified.

Our Role on the Project

MMP assisted with identifying and evaluating freight challenges, needs, and opportunities within the AACIDs area, along with developing a fiscally constrained freight project list.  MMP led the identification of emerging technologies in freight and potential strategies/projects; updating the current AACIDs Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project prioritization framework to reflect freight criteria and metrics. MMP also calculated return on investment (ROI) and completed the scoring, ranking, and prioritization of projects.  After prioritization, MMP identified potential funding sources and fiscally constrained the project list. For high priority projects, MMP developed a grant strategy; and conducting a high-level benefit-cost analysis for the most competitive grant project. 

Ultimately, the Aerotropolis Freight Cluster Plan was completed in September 2020.

Problem Solvers

One of the primary challenges of this project is it was a part of a series of studies conducted by AACIDs, all with an independent list of project recommendations.  MMP understood that having several sets of project recommendations made it challenging for AACIDs to make funding decisions and prioritize all of the projects comprehensively.  Therefore, MMP built off the Capital Improvement Program that MMP completed prior to the Freight Cluster Plan and integrated the freight project recommendations into the same prioritization framework so that the freight projects could be compared to other studies’ project recommendations.  Further, MMP provided thought leadership to map out a grant strategy for the highest priority projects with knowledge about several funding opportunities at the federal, state, and local levels.

Aerotropolis Freight Cluster Plan Image
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