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core values



We stack up to if not bypass our competition, with our thirst for knowledge and sharing it with our clients; using that knowledge to provide creative and innovative thought leadership in the transportation industry; and developing actionable plans, top-notch quality work, and solutions to our client’s biggest challenges.


Equity in transportation planning is in our DNA and we strive to consider all aspects of each project, including the needs of each community and what the effects will be on different socio-economic groups.

We are a very inclusive and diverse group, and understand the importance of a flexible work environment for our employees. It is a top priority for us as a firm.  By providing a flexible work environment, flex time, and teleworking options (both before, during, and after COVID-19), a ramp back program for mothers and fathers returning from parental leave, paid volunteer time, among other family-friendly policies and benefits, we strive to remove the guilt of attempting work/life harmony from our employees.  We are happy to provide these benefits while maintaining productivity and accessibility. As the winner of 2020's Best Places to Work in Atlanta, we think our employees agree.

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