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MEET Ansley McKenzie >>  Transportation Planner

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Master's in City and Regional Planning

Master's in Geographic Information Systems

Bachelor's of Science in Biology

Atlanta, GA

"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line!"

Infectious excitement

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Ansley earned a dual degree in City Planning and GIS in order to plan more efficient cities and combat climate change. She interned at the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District developing their Esri StoryMaps of the river basins in the region and monitoring their stormwater infrastructure. She has extensive knowledge of Esri’s online mapping tools and uses them to convey information to all levels of viewers. She also helped develop a plan on affordable housing in Atlanta before settling on transportation planning at Modern Mobility Partners. Maps are Ansley’s favorite thing to make and look at, and she is always striving to make them as aesthetic and informative as possible. She is currently in her second year of earning her GISP certification.

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