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Broward MPO 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

CLIENT: Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization

Purpose of Project

The primary purpose of the 2050 MTP is to collaboratively plan for a transportation system that is multimodal, effective, efficient, and affordable for all residents and respond to future changes and stressors that will affect the regional transportation network.  

Our Role on the Project

MMP is leading and supporting several elements of the Broward MPO’s 2050 MTP Update. The MTP documents the assessment of multimodal transportation facilities, services, and policy needs for the region over the next 25 years, meeting all federal requirements. 


MMP is leading the emerging technology and Smart Cities infrastructure portion of the plan. This includes conducting a nationwide scan of best practices on implementation of emerging technologies and Smart City infrastructure and developing an implementation/investment strategy with a focus on the role the MPO can play in planning and implementing this infrastructure. MMP is identifying emerging technologies and Smart City infrastructure projects for federal funding in the MTP and prioritizing these projects in a project evaluation framework. 


Other areas of the plan where MMP is assisting are stakeholder and public outreach, including developing ArcGIS story maps to communicate plan information visually; assessing data management techniques, such as an electronic data inventory; updating the plan goals, objectives, performance measures, and evaluation criteria related to emerging technologies; identifying opportunities to leverage new federal transportation discretionary funding programs; analyzing multimodal needs; and developing the cost-feasible final plan document. 

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